Shu Da Xia set to open its 2nd outlet in Hartamas Shopping Centre!


Shu Da Xia set to open its 2nd outlet in Hartamas Shopping Centre!

Since arriving on our shores in 2019 with its first store in the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur, Shu Da Xia is set to open its second outlet in Hartamas Shopping Centre. Hailing from Sichuan, China, Shu Da Xia, a popular hot pot in China, offers a variety of hot pot dishes. It is famous for its Sichuan Malat Hotpot and its Original Sichuan Spicy Soup. The traditional Chinese hot pot is fast growing across the globe with outlets in Australia and Japan.

This new expansion of Shu Da Xia is a product of a joint venture between Sichuan Cuisine and Salt & Spice International, a subsidiary of Malaysia Land Properties (Mayland). This momentous occasion marks Mayland’s first entry into the international food and beverage franchise business and is a step forward to boost the variety of food and beverage offering in its properties.

Present for the signing ceremony held at Damas Suites on the 4th of January 2021, are Alex Yap Yen Haw, Blair Wang Wen Jiao and Dato Wong Yau Tat Directors of Sichuan Cuisine and Pel Loh Pooi Ling and Leong Kok Yee of Salt & Spice International. Lending support to the occasion was Dato Kevin Woo, managing director of Mayland Group.

Apart from being a hot pot restaurant, the Shu Da Xia interior team has gone great lengths to create the experience and ambience of dining in a palatial Chinese Courtyard. The bricks used in their outlet are shipped from China and are more than 100 years old! It is a delightful experience for fans of architecture and interior design to witness the long lost Chinese trade of doing nail-less joinery wood works here in Malaysia. With their intricate oriental design, patrons are given the illusion of being transported out of the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur and into the heart of Sichuan, China.

It is mentioned that the new outlet will open its doors in May 2021and will be able to cater to a total of 150 pax per seating. With the opening of an international brand like Shu Da Xia in Hartamas Shopping Centre, it is hoped that many more brands will soon follow in its footsteps in making it accessible for those living nearby to enjoy international cuisine minus the trip into the city centre.

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